Terms & Conditions of service

  1. We accept All Nationalized Banks and international wire Transfers for your Payments.
  2. USD rates will be changed daily for ecurrencies . Rates are Non-negotiable.
  3. Minimum Buy or Sell Order is 5$ & no Limit for Maximum.
  4. PAN card is required for Max amount Transactions. Client should submit scanned PAN copy via email for verification purpose.
  5. Cash on Hand accepted for local clients to Minimum amount transaction. For Maximum amount transaction can only be done through bank deposit or wire transfer.
  6. Mention your bank account details clearly while registering the account. In case if there is any problem the money will refund to your account in 24 hours and 48 hours by maximum.
  7. perfectmoney to bitcoin is not responsible for Wrong account info given by the clients Buyer or Seller. Please be careful at the time of submission and if anything problem do not hesitate to contact support.
  8. Processing of Order forms will take 30 minutes to 24 hours. In case any emergency our support team will reach you via email SMS phone call.
  9. Ecurrency.co.in have every right to change our Terms and Condition any time without prior notice to anyone.
  10. For First Transaction with us. You must provide any one of the scanned copy as Identity and Address Proof (Name and Address must be matched with Order Forms)  
  11. * Voter ID/Election ID Proof  
  12. * Driving Licence Proof  
  13. * Aadhar ID Proof  
  14. * PAN Card